International Exchange


Faculty Room’s Director, Niven Whatley has previous experience within education travel and international exchange language teaching, both as a TEFL Teacher and as a Media Executive in the Study Abroad Industry. We therefore hope to begin organising holiday exchange programmes, school integrations, language exchanges and holiday clubs very soon.

With regards to the educational aspect of this provision, we work with a team of associates in several subject specialisms and at all levels and ages to put together a learning curriculum which is creative, fun, engaging, holistic and follows your educational and personal expectations.

Whether you are looking to boost overall school achievement levels through holiday classes, bridge the language gap in another country, get ahead in a new language or a new country, add extra subjects to a school portfolio to allow for English or Language Learning withdrawal elsewhere, get additional support, meet new people and friends from other countries and linguistic backgrounds, receive schooling in subjects which cannot be accessed in your school or cater for a more complete education, we can offer a broad, balanced and tailored curriculum for you, together with fun cultural activities and experiences.

With regards to support such as translations and conversions of certifications and qualifications as you move schools or countries, we can seek to support you with these through the services of our Modern Languages, English and Education experts.

We can also support by offering language interpretation for several languages in such things as Parent Meetings, school enrollment conversations, homework setting and comprehension activities. 

Culturally, we have links with several providers of academic and cultural services and we aim to organise society meetings, talks, mini film festivals, wine and food tastings and community events throughout the year.

Our Director is a qualified and experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language and has worked privately and within Mainstream Education as an English as Additional Language Co-Ordinator, so we have the skills, experience and expertise to support and stretch your language learning and your overall education.

We have QTS, PGCE, TEFL and Higher Level Degree specialists who work with us and alongside us to ensure that the offering is relevant and up-to-date in terms of the syllabus requirements and we have the experience and resources to adjust to all project specifications to suit you.

We also maintain updated DBS checks, teaching union and association membership and insurance and indemnity for the additional protection and security of all parties.

Having teaching and research experience within language schools, international exchange, primary, secondary, further and higher education, our Director can support you by acting as a curricular mentor for you during your programme, and, since we have lived, studied, travelled and worked all over the world, we can provide a multilingual, multicultural experience to match your needs.

We will also offer to arrange extracurricular enrichment activities as part of our package for all learners: be it trips, clubs, celebrations or events to support and add to a more holistic educational and cultural learning experience.

Please speak to us any time about your International Exchange and Holiday Club requirements and we will keep you posted on upcoming developments!