Are you looking to improve your IT skills?

Our experts can teach you to get the best out of your IT requirements, from teaching you at home to showing you how to use your equipment to get the best out of what you own. Our servcie goes through to taking CompTIA A+ exams, building your own top gaming PC or networking your home: it is all down to you.

Want to know how to get the best out of your mobile devices, synchronise your pictures, documents and emails, use application for creation of contents…?? There is not much we cannot do!

We work with Apple Mac, iPads and iPhones, Windows based PCs and Android Tablets. We also work on use of mobile phones.


We have Microsoft Office Masters that can help you get the best out of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Outlook.

Our trainers are also able to guide you through Apple iWorks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  As well as many other software titles on Apple products: for example, iTunes,

Who is our education for?

Ultimately it is for everyone who wants to learn anything about IT.  We can plan courses to suit your needs, from gaining a basic understanding of a computer, right through to helping you gain high level Microsoft qualification.  We are not only versed in most software, but in hardware too, so if you are looking to replace a screen on a mobile phone or are looking to build your own monster gaming PC, we can support you all the way through that process.

Qualifications we can support you through.

We do not currently run these quailifcations through our premises at the moment, but we are able to provide you additional support and training on:

  • MTA
  • MCP
  • MCSA
  • MCSE
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA N+
  • MOS
  • BTEC National Diploma in IT

There may also be other IT qualifications that we can support with, please contact us via our contact formwith more information and we will get back to you.


We can provide bespoke training courses in IT hardware, to either complement courses you are already enrolled on or to add services which are tailored to you needs.

Build your own PC!

One of our most requested training courses is providing help in choosing and purchasing all the hardware and software to build your own PC.

Our trainers then guide you through building your PC, piece by piece, giving you a greater understanding of how a machine is built. We then move on to the next step of guiding you through the software installation and getting your PC ready for use.

You will learn:

  • How to find and purchase the hardware for your PC
  • How to build your PC
  • Installing the operating system
  • Installing all the correct drivers
  • Installing and configuring updates
  • Addition Software (As required)