Faculty Room is a limited company

(Limited number – 11245696)


Our head office address:

61 High Street
Higham Ferrers
NN10 8DD

Our trading address:

Offices C & D
37 Market Place
MK46 4BE.

Our website is facultyroom.co.uk and any sub domains relevant to this domain. Our website is hosted and designed by SitioWeb Ltd (https://sitioweb.co.uk).

Please contact dean@sitioweb.co.uk for website design, editing and hosting queries.


Niven Campbell Whatley

Sara Jane Whatley

For service queries and comments please contact our main director Niven, niven@facultyroom.co.uk or via our numbers 07966 574 527/ 07919 536 833.

All of our services, promotions, packages and products are developed in-house and are bespoke to each customer, client or partner. If you have any issues, comments or complaints with our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

As our products, promotions and services are tailored to each client request, we require all clients to read and return a signed copy of these terms and conditions in advance of the first attendance or use of our provision, together with completed registration form.

Classes, services and courses are arranged with our experts in advance and our timetables are run on tight schedules, so we ask that course and service packages are arranged, agreed and paid for in full in advance. Generally, we ask for four weeks of private, couple or family tuition to be paid in advance and for larger group courses to be paid in 10-session slots.

For clients and students – we can offer a number of subjects, levels, class types, learning styles, academic and business services and will strive to meet your needs directly. We may approach colleague teachers or providers if we cannot offer the services or education ourselves. Any colleague or referral will also have been vetted and will share our values.

For teachers, tutors, employees and colleague service providers – we ask that you provide evidence of experience, skills, potential offerings of services, DBS and child protection information and any qualifications and certifications. We ask that you share our values and abide by our contracts and modus operandi and that you maintain direct liaison with both us and the clients/ students throughout. Freelance, employed or referred providers may not break any part of this contract or agreement and may not take client or student data or registration outside of the company, nor poach or solicit clients or students without full openness and agreement. Contractors, partners or employees of any sort must inform us directly of any issues, changes, amendments etc. to their service, provision, availability or any anticipated renegotiation of terms. Breach of this contract will be dealt with accordingly and may be pursued beyond contract. In general, we request a £5 per session commission for any clients or students found or passed to you, to cover administration, insurance, indemnity, accountancy and land rent of our classrooms and premises. This is subject to change and may be negotiable upon request.

If any amendments to agreed overall provision, venue or timing of our courses and services are required, we request that clients inform us with a full week of notice, to allow us to re-arrange wherever possible or otherwise to postpone, amend or terminate the contract.

Where it is not possible to re-arrange, amend or adapt courses or services suitably and conveniently, if Faculty Room and our representatives have had to make the change, Faculty Room will then be liable to reimburse the associated fees and the teacher or provider responsible will be asked to cover or reimburse this.

Where it is not possible to re-arrange, amend or adapt courses or services suitably and conveniently, if the client or learner has had to make the change, the client or learner will then agree to either complete the remaining sessions or services and to forfeit the remaining associated fees or to give the 1 week notice of cancellation.

Where a temporary amendment to times, venues or services is requested, such as a missed lesson or service provision, if Faculty Room or our representatives have had to make the change, Faculty Room will then be liable to re-schedule at no extra cost or to reimburse the associated fees.

Where a temporary amendment to times, venues or services is requested, such as a missed lesson or service provision, if the client or learner has had to make the change, the client or learner will then agree to forfeit the associated fees of that service.

In cases of illness, personal or mitigating services, we will use our discretion to accommodate other changes or amendments. We will always try to be as flexible and approachable as possible and ask that our clients are as well.

We promise to maintain the highest, most professional and top quality standards in all services, provision or learning we provide and to strive to secure the best results for all clients. We vet all representatives for the relevant qualifications, certifications, experience and suitability and strive to establish clients’ requirements in advance of entering into any provision, so as to ensure we are providing the best service for their needs.

We promise to offer timely, polite, helpful, inclusive and supportive services at all times and request that, in return, clients respect us and our representatives.

We understand that behaviour, communication and social and educational needs support are a part of educational provision, and we endeavour to support with this, however, in some instances we may request additional advice and support for these concerns from client representatives.

Any personal concerns will be reported to client representatives as soon and as clearly as possible.

We will maintain and update Enhanced DBS, professional qualifications and certifications and continuing professional development needs of all of our providers.

We will liaise with commissioning clients regularly regarding academic or contract progression, offering additional guidance and feedback wherever necessary.

Faculty Room uses the accountancy services of Generate and we have ongoing insurance and indemnity cover. Please feel free to ask us about these matters, should you have any concerns.

Our Director, Niven Campbell Whatley, maintains teacher union membership of NASUWT and keeps a mainstream teaching presence by completing regular teaching contracts in local schools. He is also a PhD Doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham. If there are any instances of conflicting interest, please address them with niven@facultyroom.co.uk

Our Director, Sara Jane Whatley, maintains an optical association membership with the GOC and ABDO. If there are any instances of conflicting interest, please address them with niven@facultyroom.co.uk


All payments can be made by cash or card payments or via bank transfer, in advance of service or course provision. Please contact niven@facultyroom.co.uk for banking or financial issues, payments or concerns.

Fees and costs are bespoke for each client and the costs and fees information provided via website, advertising literature or verbally are primarily for guidance. Contracts will state the agreed amount for all clients’ agreed service provision.

We will strive to fulfil all expectations and agreements satisfactorily. We ask for testimonials from all clients, wherever possible, and retain these for any future requested public consultation. We thank our clients and partners for their testimonial and review submissions.

General fees as from 08/09/2020 will be £30-40 per hour for private individuals, £35-45 per hour for couple and family sessions, £175 for 10-class group courses, £30-50 per hour for business rate groups and services, £10-15 per hour for translation services. Faculty Room Limited will ask for a £5-10 per hour fee from our colleague tutors.


We reserve the right to accept, decline, continue or cancel our services and provision, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Any apparent duplication in any of our electronic, online or paper-based publications or resources is entirely unintentional. We retain copyright to all materials.


Faculty Room is an entirely non-denominational business. We believe in promoting and supporting equality and inclusion and in offering the best to everyone. We believe diversity of any kind is acceptable and hold no political stance whatsoever.

Personal Information

We agree to protect all personal, professional and performance data and to ensure privacy and discretion wherever appropriate.  Our data will not be shared with any other business unless it is for your personal educational purposes only, this will be to examining boards or certificate providers.

Covid-19 Information

We agree to protect all private individuals, classes, schools, businesses, professional and associate clients and partners to the best of our ability. To this end, we will commit (and ask colleagues, staff, partners, clients and students to do likewise) to maintaining clean, safe working environments. We will strive to maintain social distancing at all times and will prioritise online/ telephone classes in the first instance. We will provide face masks, hand sanitiser, stocked washing and toilet facilities, wipes wherever classes are in our centres and ask for similar commitment outside of the premises. We will maintain face-to-face provision, subject to guidelines and best care practice. We ask that students have their own equipment in these times and will revisit Take-away Learning and school-based resource sharing on an individual basis. We understand that these are difficult times but we are determined to contribute to the safest and most personally-centred education provision and learning environments. We thank you for understanding at this time.


All rights are reserved by Faculty Room, www.facultyroom.co.uk, Niven Campbell Whatley and Sara Jane Whatley.