Your Curriculum Vitae

We are able to help and guide you with your CV, from updating your existing CV to starting completely from fresh.  We already have templates available to make your CV work better for you, and we will setup of your CV, making theming and changes quicker and easier.  We will also show you how to make these changes and how to save and export your CV in to different formats for the position requirements.


We take the time to look at various sections of your CV with you, splitting them down to make a format that is easy to create your CV from.  These sections include your initial statement, educational history, working history through to your addition education achievements, hobbies and skills.


We then create supporting documents to your CV from all the information we collect with you, allowing you to modify your CV to the position you are applying for in a focused and simple way.


Along with your CV, we will also help you write a covering letter or email template, that you can use and adapt to the position you are applying for, giving you a greater chance to achieve at interview.


Interview Skills

We also provide interview skills training, to help you get the most out of your interview.  From one to one questions, group interviews and even presentation support.