Home Schooling


Faculty Room takes your education as seriously as you do and we are determined to offer the best, most personalised learning provision for you and yours.

We work with a team of associates in several subject specialisms and at all Key Stages to put together a Home School curriculum which follows our learners’ educational and personal development and reaches beyond the minimum of attainment expectations.

Whether you are looking to boost overall school achievement levels, add extra subjects to a school portfolio, offer schooling in subjects which cannot be accessed in a mainstream school or cater for a more complete education, we can offer a broad, balanced and tailored curriculum for you.

We have QTS, PGCE, TEFL and Higher Level Degree specialists who work with us and alongside us to ensure that the offering is relevant and up-to-date in terms of the syllabus requirements and we have the experience and resources to adjust to all examination board specifications to suit you.

We also maintain updated DBS checks, teaching union and association membership and insurance and indemnity for the additional protection and security of all parties.

Having teaching and research experience within primary, secondary, further and higher education, our Director can support you by acting as a curricular mentor, and, since we always maintain a professional link to and presence within mainstream education, we can also seek to retain the contacts with schools, textbook providers and examination boards on your behalf.

We will also offer to arrange extracurricular enrichment activities as part of our package: be it trips, clubs, celebrations or events to support and add to a more holistic educational and cultural learning experience.

Please speak to us any time about your Home Schooling provision.