GCSE, A Level, SATs and Common Entrance Catch-Up


We offer an examination catch-up service, to help those students who are lacking confidence or achieving lower grades than they desire attain more within their school education.

At present, around 50% of our learners are using our catch-up provision to boost their levels, improve their chances of securing that top university place, bridge the gap between target and predicted grades and give them additional confidence and security in their learning.

In 10 years of private teaching and 8 years of working in mainstream education, our Director’s cohorts of students have shown improvements under his guidance and since opting for tuition and exam catch-up services, Faculty Room’s exam, interview and scholarship candidates have achieved a 100% success rate in their studies.

One of our A Level French students is currently pursuing an aspiration of Oxford or Cambridge University acceptance and our higher level conversation classes are designed to support in achieving these excellent academic goals.

Last year every student doing GCSE catch up achieved the required pass grade in all subjects, and 2 students improved by 2-3 full grades in their GCSE English Literature and Language papers and progressed to being accepted in their first choice further education establishments.

In 2018, all of our Common Entrance Scholarship candidates have gone on to secure full, high value scholarships at top UK Private Schools, which is another one of our proudest achievements to date.

Younger learners have also had great success and we have helped them all to manage the stress of achieving well in their SATs papers at Primary level and to catch up with peers in school. 

Some parents and students have switched completely from mainstream to home schooling tuition, since they really want to secure the best and most personalised learning for themselves and their children and this is something with which we can also support you.

Please talk to us today about your examination preparation, catch-up and support…. there is still time to maximise your achievements this year!