English Homework – Put Together Story

About Me

This was published by me, Tymon M. The reason I wanted to publish such a book was because it had a mix of mystery and adventure, which work together to make an amazing plot to this story. My name is Tymon M and I live in Milton Keynes, England. I have a profession as a programmer, the Master of Game-making down in the ‘Intellectual Class of Programming Scholars’.

Alongside this job, I have a hobby, that includes me using most of my spare time thinking of stories that have a lesson to sum them up. With this hobby as a guide, I decided to make a story of my own naming it: ‘Askadan and his Great Chances’. At first, the idea seemed to spook me out but when I finally understood the main storyline, I got hooked in myself. Therefore, I chose to publish this book not just for my benefit but also to make the sci-fi lovers proud.


An alien named Askadan lived on a planet named AZ-YB. He was an important alien with many duties. Later, he turned evil. His desire was no longer on being who he normally was; instead he used his ego to make him look great. This therefore sent him to jail; from that moment on he changed his intentions. He learnt a very valuable lesson, which was the fact that pride leads to downfall, but humility comes before even honour. With this thought in gear, he managed to not only fix himself but his own planet, turning it back into a peaceful planet to live in.

Askadan and his Great Chances


Planet AZ-YB, a place of peace and freedom is now wrecked by many corrupt actions that are taking place here. Some time later, planet AZ-YB will be crafted in such a way that there will be no fault in it. This planet, in general, has many exotic features such as space cacti, as well as state-of-the-art dark-matter houses. For aliens, this is their ideal spot, on planet AZ-YB.

The alien flies over the galaxy, which is called the Milky Way. What now lies ahead of the alien?

All the travellers of the galaxy yell: “It’s an alien!”

The alien is no longer in a good mood; his life has been messed up by the galaxy’s chosen travellers, who have always thought badly of him. They – otherwise known as the advanced programmers of the galaxy – are greatly welcomed by many by-comers (people who travel around the galaxy).

Chapter 1 – Askadan’s Life

There was not just this alien; oh no but there was previously another alien who neither spoke nor signed and his name was Askadan.

Askadan looked like a green, jelly-like substance while his eyes were fiery red. When they were not hidden by his death-skull-type sunshades, it was as if there was a forcefield, a no-man’s land where you wished you kept quiet.

Askadan was now too far towards the western side of the galaxy. Therefore, he was now, above all, 37.5 light years away. According to the recent scientific researches, it is said that his main hobbies are: scouting, riding on stars and flying out of the Earth’s gravitational field. In summary, he had a friendly character and was an enjoyable specimen to live with, up in the space above us.

Anyway, Askadan now had turned evil and decided that the only thig that made him great was the fact that he was the only cool specimen on the planet AZ-YB. When his ego suddenly blew up, the alien guards were not pleased with his egotistical character and so he was sent to jail.

Chapter 2 – Askadan’s Consequence Paid in Full

Askadan stayed in jail, hoping to find someone who would care for him. Unfortunately, nobody in the prison knew who he was. He therefore was not happy and tried to figure out his problem. Even though it took days and days to find an answer, he finally did and was certain that the plan would set him free.

Askadan, now that he was in jail, never had anything; so, he paid the consequences for that mistake and decided to improvise.

He had finished his time in jail, but something told him that he would not be leaving and getting away with it. His motive told him that pride leads to downfall, but humility comes before honour and that everyone is special. He then learnt his lesson and decided that if you are an egotistical person you would not get the life you used to have…

Summary – Askadan’s New Change

… So, happy readers, remember that, in reality, pride leads to downfall and humility comes first, even before honour. Also remember to make the right choices in your life too.


FIRSTLY, Askadan makes a decision that spirals down to his doom. However, he THEN learns from his mistake by changing his character (HE WAS IN JAIL!). Afterwards, HE GETS LET OUT OF JAIL! YET and the aliens on planet AZ-YB are frightened of what Askadan will do. (WHAT WILL HE DO?). Later, Askadan makes some new alien friends and forms a family that lives happily ever after…?!