It was Chaos. It had to be. It roamed free after it escaped. Light hadn’t seen his father in a long time. His twin brother, Dark, had just betrayed him to help their father. Chaos & Dark roamed free, albeit their mother, Order, had just been taken. She was the only entity that could handle his father. Now, with his own brother’s help, Order had been captured. It was up to Light to restore Order.

At first, Chaos and Order were equal entities, neimanaged to defeat the other. There was always
balance. But then, Chaos and Order struck each other, leaving wounds that bled out. The blood
mixed together and out of that blood, Light and Dark were born, originally, as the Light twins.
However, once upon a time, evil had corrupted one of the Light brothers and turned him into Dark.
Just like their parents, they were evenly matched; until that one day when Dark and Chaos
decided to collaborate.

Light pondered: “Where would Chaos take Order? Maybe to the dark depths of Sarrus-That was the birthplace of all things Evil-Order would never be able to escape from Sarrus!” Then, all of a sudden, Light remembered that he and his brother could swap bodies for a few seconds. This
was because they were the same entity… different sides of that entity. He had no choice. His brother would be aware that he was coming after him. It didn’t matter. Order had to be restored.

He used the link.

Light appeared within his brother and he saw darkness. And then Chaos descended. “Swap back!” was Light’s first thought. As if by command, his spirit returned to his body.

Fear embodied Light. He had just been in Sarrus: ‘The lair of Chaos;’ ‘The place of no return.’ He would need some help to smite his brother and his father. His first choice for help was Pain, who was neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad.’ He just wandered wherever he pleased and was not trustworthy.

Light mused, “No. Pain might betray me.”
His next choice were the twins of Death. Laros and Peros. They were indeed trustworthy and always willing to help. “Perfect,” he resolved.

His decision made, he went to the outskirts of Sarrus and there found the twins’ lair. He’d been there multiple times. He entered “O Death Twins. Brothers mighty. Masters of Life. I call upon you for some help.”
-“Help? Why come to us? Unless you want someone to feel death. But no-one should feel death unless it their time”
-“Chaos is free. My brother, Dark, helped him. Order has been taken, so universe will fall out of balance. I need you to put death upon Chaos, but spare my brother. His entity has been taken over by evil, but his heart is good.”
-“No one should ever deserve death. Not even Chaos. You MUST prove yourself worthy enough to handle the power to place Death on anyone”
-“How shall I prove it to you?”
-“You must create a safe haven where Light & Dark, Chaos & Order can be balanced. They shall never escape from there.”
-“So, I must create a ‘haven’ from where my brother, Chaos and Order and I cannot escape. But I ,myself, will not be free!”
“That is how you should prove yourself worthy of possessing death. You must sacrifice your freedom for the wellbeing of the universe. That is all we shall say.”

Light left the lair, in dismay, and decided that if the wellbeing of the universe was at stake, he must make great sacrifices. So, he got to work.  First of all, he grabbed a few burnt out stars and crumpled then together. That would be the core. He then used a fraction of his entity to bring light to the planet. He then wept because he realised that he would have no freedom. Those tears fell on the world and became the ocean. He created mountains and trees and plants and a friend for the lonely planet. He called this “friend” the
moon. And last of all, took a piece of his heart and placed it next to a tree. Out of that heart, a man grew in his own shape.

All of a sudden, he felt the power of Death. He ran to Sarrus and burst into the lair of Chaos. “I HAVE POWER” He yelled. “YOU SHALL RELEASE ORDER OR YOU WILL FEEL THE TOUCH OF DEATH.” A chasm of fear engulfed Chaos, who could see that Light was telling the truth.

With a flourish, he opened the gates that held Order prisoner and an ensuing wave hit the lair of Chaos. It was not another wave of tears, but rather one of darkness. Light realised this was his forfeit driving them onto the planet that he had created, imprisoning them in human minds.

The last thing any of them heard was Laros saying: “You will now be trapped in this planet forever, while my brother and I rule the universe!”
Light woke up. His eyes adjusted to his surroundings. He lifted himself up. “Where am I?” He walked around. “Wait.” He thought. “Why can’t I move freely? Is this my brother’s doing?” That is when he remembered. He had been pushed into the primordial planet that he had created many
millennia ago. The twin brothers of Death had tricked him. “How could Laros & Pelos do that?” He thought. He laid back down. He felt weak. Then he thought, “If I’m here, then that means that Dark, Chaos and Order are here too. They must be feeling like me; weak and powerless. We’re
just mere mortals now.”

The clouds growled. “Funny. I don’t remember putting those there.” He thought. Meanwhile, on the same island, Darkness woke up. He instantly  remembered what happened. But
then there was a voice in his head saying ‘LINK’ over and over again. Upon hearing this, he used the link. His brother, Light spoke to him, “Darkness, we are on Earth. The planet I made a long time ago. We were sent here by the Death twins. Come find me.” It dawned on them that their link
hadn’t been severed. They could still communicate. That was good.

But then, Chaos and Order woke up. They were together as usual. But they had fused into 1
person. At one period of time, Order was in control. At another, Chaos would be in control. It was  a spontaneous change. They never knew who was going to be in control and when. After a few hundred years, thy got used to the changes and eventually they grew to like each other.

After all this confusion, a light appeared in the sky. They all saw it. It was a very strong beam of light and as soon as they saw it they knew what it was. A way out! But then they realised. It must have been a trap set by the Death twins to defeat them once and for all. All the entities had to work together to destroy the twins of Death. That was the only way for them to defeat the twins.
Unsure what to expect, they all travelled to the beam of light. Light and Dark met up on the way there. They had resolved their feud during the times they use the link. They met up and hugged each other. “Let’s go!” Dark shouted, running to the light. Light smiled. It had been a long time
ever since Dark had chased his brother for pleasure. Most of the other times, it had been because Light was trying to stop his brother.

Meanwhile, Chaos and Order had bonded with each other as well. They recalled their most tough battles and best draws. Order had forgiven Chaos for everything that he had done.

When they all arrived at the beam of light, there was a portal. They entered the portal and they were instantly transformed into their original entities. “What was the point of all that?” Light shouted.
A voice from behind said, “Do you not see? There is no evil in this world anymore. All this ‘adventure’ you all had was to bring all the entities together to face a darker force.”
Light instantly knew the voice. It was Pain. As he pondered this, the clouds rumbled.
The newly-formed quartet were on the right side of justice. Chaos, Light, Dark and Order. They had no idea what their ‘Greater Foe’ was. The deadly duo had been particularly vague.

Maybe it was one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ from whom their bloodline had descended. They thought they had been sealed in Sarrus but had probably escaped.

“How?” Light exclaimed. Meanwhile, the group’s deductions had come to a conclusion: it was indeed a ‘Founding Father.’

A cacophony of silence washed over them, as they realised that Terror was hunting them like prey.