Dear All,


Welcome to the first 2021 Newsletter.


Good reviews

Over the last few months, we are delighted to have once again received many positive comments feeding back adult learner satisfaction at the way in which we have managed to maintain most sessions via virtual learning environments and Zoom etc. We are also proud to have received parental thanks for the work we are doing either through providing remote learning or through the in-school provision in our partner schools. We love great feedback and to know that we are helping to make a difference, so please do not hesitate to contact us on the site or at .


Our Team

Over the last two years we have been steadily building a cooperative team of tutors to offer a range of subjects and specialisms at all levels and to suit all needs. We are delighted that James Farquhar, Anna Townley, Helen Cuddeford, Sarah Filip, Natalie Lawrence, Marie Thomas, Dean Sygrove, Kris Li and Helen Clarkson are all now established members of our Tutor team.


Adult or Private Classes

Whilst we are unable to hold the fun, friendly and engaging adult or private language group classes during periods of social distancing, we are committed to getting these back up-and-running again as soon as we reasonably can and we look forward to seeing everyone again.


Return to full school opening in schools

With the COVID-19 data where it is, the government are not yet comfortable in committing to a date when mainstream schools will reopen fully. We are sure that this is a sensible decision, and that they have learned the lessons of the past, where subsequent U-turns caused problems. However, we are keeping an eye on things and will be sure to offer the ongoing continuity and stability which our young learners need via online and remote learning. We have a wealth of resources and experience to support this and can assure you that our learning provision remains excellent.


How we are working through these times at Faculty Room

At Faculty Room we certainly do know that it is currently hard for many families and we appreciate your support in these circumstances. We feel it too and are constantly adapting what we do to fit in with rules, circumstances and students’ and clients’ best interests, needs and welfare! All tutors and teachers are adapting to working in virtual environments and outside of their comfort zone, delivering lessons and enrichment in ways for which we were not originally trained. Nevertheless, we have committed to upskilling ourselves quickly and we are now very confident and comfortable on all the virtual and online systems going! We are all learning all of the time and want our provision to be the best it can possibly be. If you have any issues or concerns about the remote learning provision please feel free to let us know and we will do anything we can. We also have a newly-developed Take-away Learning system for self-regulated learning and extension/ support in any subject and at any level. Please contact us on 07966574527 to enquire about this.


What we can still offer

We can offer our sessions directly, in your home, at your schools or places of business, in our centres, via Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook or our own platform and are even beginning to develop ‘snippets’ of video-based learning via a “Learn-in-30” link through, Youtube and our new Twitter accounts.



We have been commissioned to undertake some fantastic translation and editing contracts recently, and our chief German-English Translator, Pete Kiechl, alongside our Director, Niven Whatley, are ready and witing to put their experience and linguistic knowledge to work on any type of personal or professional translations.


Looking to the future

We have a great many exciting plans ahead, as we grow the tuition and language learning capacity, increase and optimise out teaching team, continue to work as preferred partners for Wixams Academy, Manor Sports College, Southend Junior School and to establish more school links. We are also currently building our portfolio of translation partners and improving our HR and management systems, along with our web and social media presence.


On top of these activities we have plans afoot to begin broadening our offering of learning, services and facilities and look forward to releasing more details soon.


As ever, if you are a Tutor and would like to register with us or someone looking to do any kind of learning or commission any kind of editing/ translation/ proofreading service, please contact us on 07966574527


Our future plans will also take the changes in education, government policy and social distancing and we will always find a way to keep putting you first and making sure that Faculty Room is at the heart of your communities, schools and businesses.



Thanks for all your support and recommendations – we look forward to seeing you all soon.



The Faculty Room Team